Real Irish Shamrock Seeds & Original Irish Dirt

Grow your own shamrocks in the real earth of Ireland!

The Shamrock: a 3-Leaf Clover, is the national flower of Ireland and one of the county's most recognised and most loved national symbols. A crucial part of the celebrations on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th, the tradition of wearing and “drowning” the Shamrock can be traced back to the early 1700s.

The shamrock seeds we offer are in fact The Real Irish Shamrock (Trifolium Dubium) as officially recognized by the Government of Ireland as the Official Irish Shamrock.  Our seeds are sourced from experienced gardeners from Galway, Ireland.

They come with our beautifully designed tin filled with 0.8 lb of genuine Irish earth, freshly dug from the finest fields in Ireland. 


- Original Irish Dirt tin filled with 0.8lb of Pure Irish Eart

- Packet of Shamrock Seed (800 seeds)

Difference between real Irish shamrock sold by Original Irish Dirt & 4-leaf Clover

The “True” Shamrock

Many trefoils (Three leaved plants) are used in place of Shamrock, including various members of the Oxalis family. Gardeners will know the shamrock as Trifolium dubium, and white clover as Trifolium repens. Growers of Irish Shamrock plants place emphasis on seed purity. Trifolium simply refers to the fact that it is a three-leafed plant; while Dubium, with its small, pure green leaves is a named variety of shamrock.

The true Irish shamrock has three small solid green leaves, NEVER four and grows a small yellow flower (after 6 to 8 weeks), not pink or white. True Irish shamrock will fold up their leaves at night or when not exposed to enough light.