Original Irish Dirt gift

Are you looking for a truly unique gift? Give your loved ones a Handful of Pure Irish Luck!

Each beautifully designed tin of Original Irish Dirt is filled with 0.8 lb of genuine Irish earth, freshly dug up from some of the finest fields in Ireland.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 3.9 high x 3.9″ diameter,
  • Material: tinplate (fully recyclable).

Whether Ireland is the country of your birth, the land of your ancestors, or whether it simply holds a special place in your heart, this product helps celebrate life`s important moments with a genuine piece of Pure Irish Luck.

the essence of pure irish luck

Centuries of secrets, culture and mysticism.
Sweeping mists, gentle rain and soft sunlight.

The true essence of Irish history and heritage.
Holding a handful of Ireland connects you with thousands
of years of memories, emotions and magic.

That’s what you hold in your hands with
Original Irish Dirt. The very essence of Pure Irish Luck.

How you can use your Pure Irish Luck?

Celebrate the important moments in life such as births, weddings or baptisms. Make your loved ones smile at birthdays or anniversaries, or simply brighten someone’s day with a gift of Irish luck.

Original Irish Dirt is the perfect gift for all of life’s occasions!

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