Handful of Home Ceremonial Canister

Handful of Home lets the Irish in America honor their cultural roots at the most important moments of their lives.

This beautifully designed Ceremonial Canister filled with pure Irish earth allows families to place a handful of the Old Country on top of the urns or caskets of loved ones, laying them to rest on the land of their forefathers.  A new take on an old tradition that has meaning beyond words.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 8″ high x 5.4″ diameter,
  • Material: tinplate (fully recyclable).

Each Ceremonial Canister contains 2lbs of pure Irish earth. It is harvested from the finest fields across Ireland and carefully packed to ensure that its texture, quality and timeless essence are preserved.

designed to say goodbye with dignity

The Handful of Home Ceremonial Canister allows each family member to take a handful of earth in their hands, feel the cool soft land of their ancestors, and release it on the coffins or urns of their loved ones. Unite families and friends at end of life celebrations with this simple, ancient tradition, and help them lay their loved ones to rest amongst the land of their ancestors.

  • Honour your irish roots

    Why is an Irish earth so important for Irish-Americans?